Tråd: long weekend

Last week i went out with my oldest daughter and a group for an two days trip in the northern part of the netherlands. We started off at wehe-den-hoorn where most of us rented a canoe.

I brought my kayak.

and it did not take long to get us going

Day one took us over "Warfhuizen" and "t' Stort"

with beautifull scenery

While for day two we took a trip "maarhuizen" and "schouwerzijl"

Day two had one special item, since we had to pass lockers twice. The province "Groningen" is known for it's canoe abilitys so the have a solutions to pass the locks with a canoe. There is a separate channel of little less than one meter wide. It has a spacial door in it, which you push down with your boat. So, you don't leave the canoe. No heavy liftong og dragging.

The evening i made out meal in the dutch oven with coals

which makes a perfect pizza

and also over a campfire

which you can't do without the traditional bread on a stick